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Keyboard smash for the win!

And let your imagination rise...

Shin's Writing Community
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♣ let's

Welcome to alskdjfhgftw, mknsen08's fanfiction community. It's a simple community where her imagination can run wild without being sued for copyright infrigment. :)) All you're going to find here are yaoi, yaoi and more yaoi. Any further clicking in this community means you have read the entire rules, disclaimers and the like of this profile and you agree to it. :)
lose ♦

MKNSEN08 is in no way, affiliated with any of the publishing and/or production companies that are present here. Anything written here is only based on some events but not necessarily true. All stories have been verified as a frigment of a writer's imagination and therefore does not hold any further responsibilty.
♥ our

mknsen08 used to use shin_sen but found it too hard to handle such a huge fandom base. Instead of logging off and then on, then off and on again and again, she has decided to create a community instead. The community is alskdjfhgftw because a) keyboardsmash had been taken and the name needed to be something that represents her and her fandom. :)
minds ♠

★You have been warned that many (if not all) fanfictions present in this community is pure yaoi (male x male relationships)
★If you do not like homosexual stories, then it is suggested that you leave this community. I have every right to kick and ban you from this community and report you to authorities if you bash or wank.
★Any fanfiction here is only part of an author's imagination. None of these relationships/events are literally happening.
★No profit is being made from a published story.

By reading these and moving on to reading, you hereby accept and will follow each and every rule stated.